Stand Tall

This tree reminded me of life’s struggles and finding your village

We have two sides to us all, much like this tree

One side is tall, strong, vibrant. Fighting

The other side is leaning, succumbing to the changes ready to crumble and fall

We have a will to succeed, to push through whatever life throws at us. To be strong, resilient. To grow

We also struggle to find the will sometimes to push through life’s everyday challenges often hitting us all at once

It’s okay to crumble and fall but much like the leaves on this tree, you don’t have to stay there. Pick yourself up, embrace the changes that will come

Sometimes we forget to water our own leaves with joy, happiness, positivity. We need others to help build us up, fertilize us, nurture us to be resilient and vibrant once again

It takes time to bounce back but it will happen

Stand tall, full of life. Let your colors shine through. Even when a tree falls, another is there to catch it. Leaning on it. Supporting it.

Find your forest, plant the seeds of positivity and root your village bigger and stronger together

Remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Keep moving forward


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