What If

What if you decide to do something exciting personally or professionally where you put every effort you have into an idea or a goal and present it to others only to hear….crickets.

What if no one provided their opinions or offered their congratulations.

What if they did and they didn’t like it. What if they offered criticisms instead of words of support.

What if you begin to doubt yourself and whether or not you can take your idea and build it into something amazing, or reach that milestone goal you so desperately want. What are you doing wrong that no one is supportive or only has negative responses for you? You start to think, what if I rethink this, or what if I need more time to change it or make it better.

Hold on there…what if you don’t throw in the towel just because you think it’s too hard or because everyone else thinks differently. Everyone has these thoughts of self-doubt. We self-sabotage because we think we aren’t good enough, or strong enough or even that we are deserving of something better.

What if…you said SO WHAT. Take a step back and remember your “why”. Why did you want to take your creativity to the next level. What do YOU want to achieve? Why do you want to reach that goal you envision for yourself. Why is it important to YOU?

So what if someone doesn’t agree it’s the right time or the right choice. Unless there are serious repercussions to the choices you are making, it is not their why, it is yours. Whatever your reason is to continue to keep moving forward, is just that, your reason. You move at your own pace, not someone else’s.

Everyone’s pace and motivation for change is different. What motivates you? What helps you keep your mind at ease when the self-doubt starts to hit? Do you take a walk, sit back with a good book or a cup of tea? Maybe you have a close friend or family member you talk to. However you do it, be kind to yourself. Be patient and remember every step you take along the way, is your own not someone else’s.

It’s okay to be down but don’t stay there. Reflect on what it is that YOU want and work through it however you need to. Celebrate even the smallest milestones no matter what they are. Never give up.

When you are starting to think WHAT IF…remember SO WHAT…. life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Forward is a pace…your pace…just keep moving.


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