Can’t Touch This..Or That…Or Anything

Shelter in place…words we didn’t think we’d really ever hear. However, this is our life at this very moment. We are stuck in limbo between not being able to touch things or people. Our personal and professional lives are turned upside down. What was once our “normal” has become a twilight zone altogether.

Children are home from school. Parents are working from home if they are able. Many are laid off or let go completely. Businesses are shut down or working in limited operations. Many, unfortunately are sick or are continuing to get sick.

In-person communication is now virtual. Many have taken to the internet to remain connected, to remain focused and even to remain healthy. Many are changing how they exercise thru online videos and Facebook live. Business meetings are conducted through zoom (how many are secretly in their pajamas and loving it!). Outdoor exercise is encouraged however unfortunately many are taking advantage and not distancing themselves appropriately or acting like it’s one big picnic with tailgate parties, pick-up games and playdates. Come ‘on people really? I mean positivity is the key to happiness, but it needs to be responsible!

This to shall pass. This is what I remind myself of every time I face a challenge. I especially remind myself of this everyday now so that I am not stuck in the negativity of the situation. I do not take it lightly, it is a very serious matter all over the world. I live and breathe positivity and I will not stop now.

Find your joy!

Working from home is stressful and inconvenient, for most people. I work remotely. I am thankful that I am able to do so. Try to find the positivity in the change in environment. If you are able to still work and receive a paycheck, that is more than enough reason to be positive! Most are not able, therefore be thankful and just keep moving!

In my previous blog, I talked about self-care and how we don’t take time to sit back and relax and the tasks that we often don’t get to. We are often so stressed out in our everyday lives, that now, there is even more stress placed on us. It is not what is placed on us, it is how we react to it. Positivity is the key to happiness and moving forward through this and past it. So how do we do that?

Encourage and teach. We encourage the kids and teach them how to handle change and stress. Teach them about our careers and how we are able to adapt in changing times and how they can handle these types of situations in their futures. Teach them how to keep moving forward despite challenges.

Relax and breathe. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed take a step back, take some deep breaths, find your center. What calms you? Yoga, a walk, stretching, a workout, perhaps a run? How about some meditation. Besides a run, it’s music for me. Music both soothes me and makes my soul happy. Of course, looking at beautiful photos of amazing destinations does the trick too! We may not be able to travel at the moment, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming and planning.

I believe that everything I do, personally and professionally comes from the heart. This truly comes from my heart ~ find your joy, find your why, find your purpose and hold onto your strength. Stay strong, stay connected (responsibly of course) and keep dreaming!

Remember, just keep moving! This has certainly been one heck of journey. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!


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