New Year, New You?

Blah, Blah, Blah!

Do you have resolutions each year? I prefer not to use the term “resolutions” but “short-term attainable goals”. I start each year with many personal and professional goals that I update throughout the year as needed, because well let’s be honest, life does get in the way sometimes! I do not let myself be discouraged if I am not able to reach a specific goal, however, reward myself for what I am able to accomplish. I of course strive to be the best mother and “mom-mom” I can be 😉  My grandbaby will be three in January so my main personal goal was to be as present as possible in both hers and my daughter’s life. Goal accomplished! This goal however will be a lifetime goal obviously!

Do you start the year with the intention of traveling? As I mentioned above, life does get in the way sometimes and our plans can drastically change from one moment to the next. What are your travel goals this year ~ adventure, leisure, business, destination wedding, honeymoon? Whatever your plans are, you can be assured that I am a resource to help you achieve your goal.

Have you traveled with a group previously or do you plan to? Family reunions, friend getaways, intimate weddings and incentive trips, and other small groups can be eligible for group booking benefits such as:
• The convenience of booking group travel as individual bookings while remaining a part of a group
• Discounts applied per booking, based on the total package price *some restrictions may apply based on type of travel*
• Options for additional group discounts for excursions *based on availability
And so much more!

Whatever your plans are for the new year just remember, the journey is the destination! Be sure to take time to make goals for yourself! A happy, healthier you allows you to be present for others in your life, which in turn makes the journey to all your goals the destination!

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

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